Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Dear Friends of MILO,

MILO is now being used by teachers, parents and therapists in homes, schools, daycare centers and preschools.  As MILO's creator I use him to find a child's strengths, encourage language and develop appropriate communication skills through choice-making and through the fun play activities supplied in MILO's backpack.

Over the years, I've heard of other people's experiences with MILO and how they have come up with new and creative ways of using him.  It amazes me how creative people can be and the different uses and opportunities MILO provides for each and every child and adult that work with him.

If you are using MILO with your child/student/client, please share with us how you use him, and what opportunities he provides for the child/children you work with.  Whether they are typically developing or if they have special needs that are more easily addressed through using MILO, these ideas will help all of us to better serve our children.

The comments from this post will be seen by new and old friends of MILO who are looking for ideas on how to get started and what new and exciting ways he's being used.  It is my hope that this blog will connect parents and professionals who are all looking for ideas and resources to better help the young people in their lives.

Thank you in advance for sharing!


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